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Mark Brown | Motion Design

Easter Spaceship

Where does the Easter Bunny come from?

Its a very little known fact that the Easter Bunny actually comes from outer space. He flew here from the egg shaped planet named Easter during a civil war over chocolate supplies. His arrival on Earth just so happened to be the same day that Jesus died.
The Bunny knew the special properties of chocolate so he when to work on making some as soon as he could. The ingredients were scattered all over the place but he hunted down everything that he needed.
On the Sunday the chocolate was finished and the Bunny hopped to tomb where Jesus was buried, flopped a very special chocolate egg out of his basket and it revived Jesus so he could save the world.
To this very day we celebrate this achievement by hunting for chocolate eggs every Easter Sunday so we can save the Jesus in all of us.

I made this spaceship in 3DS Max using nothing but boxes. The background was made in Photoshop.