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Models, Animations, Renders – Motion Design Reel

Here is a collection of my 3D models, animations and renders.
The intro and outro are made using animated displacement maps driven by the music. The Tetris animation is using the method but controlled by keyframes and After Effects script.
The Money Cycle is based off infinity loop animations. There is a memorising effect that I wanted to replicate. The original animation can be found here. Instagram – Coin Loop
Architecture and visualisation is something that has always fascinated me even as a kid. I remember buying some cheap software that was a pre Sketch Up program. I would sit there and try to figure out how to use it so I could make houses.
The Underground House is the idea of hiding a house below ground in amongst the trees and bushes. Coffee Kingdom is imagining what the exterior of the shop would look like.
3D sculpting is a great way to relax. Starting with a sphere and moulding it into something with personality can be very satisfying.
Drowning in Tech was looking at how people are always glued to their phones (I’m no better) and One More Turn was how addictive games have become and at the end of the day, what have you really achieved?
The challenge with instructional videos is to make them interesting but to make sure that they still explain the purpose.
The models are made using Cinema 4D and ZBrush. The animation is done in Cinema 4D and/or After Effects. All of the 3D is rendered using Octane.