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Mark Brown | Motion Design

MBG Showreel

I have finally got together an up-to-date showreel. It is hard to try and sum up what you do and how you do it into a minute and a half video but I am pretty dam close. After thinking I was done with it last week, the advice that I got from friends really helped me improve it. It’s the need to take a step back and listening to other peoples views that really help you grow. Good old wisdom.

Anyways here is a bit of a play-by-play.

I started with Terex Cranes. These are drone shots of the crane, which with a nice vibrant colour grade made for beautiful shots. Now what you may have missed is how I made a puddle disappear. The puddle came from the air-con unit of the vehicle and of course the production teams attitude is always “We’ll fix it in post” which I love because then I can work my magic. This disappearing act actually led to another projects drone shot of brown grass around a school being fixed to luscious green grass.

After a collection of Oldmac Mazda and Toyota graphics we travel to Nomergy. There were several shots of information being projected out of devices like the phone. This holographic effect is tracked to the phone and extruded along the Z-axis to give some much needed depth.

The Goodstart Early Learning Whiteboard Animation was a mission. After a rough start I managed to work with the illustrator Myck from Coo’ee to achieve what the client was after. Once I was in possession of the drawings, I went to work masking out all of the line work then animated them back on. After adding the timelapse of the hand, the camera was positioned around the massive image to tell the story. See the full project here.

Stratco was a massive collection of several videos all explaining all of the products they create and why they you should have them. I designed the graphic style, edited, graded and also tracked some information onto shots.

I put together this 2D animated safety video for SPW Group on how not to do safety. It was fun but one of those projects where if there was more time and more budget a lot more could have been done.

Next is a few logo title animations for various companies along with some 3D for Bartercard and then it’s into BOQ. BOQ are awesome people to work with. They are very willing to be creative in how they present themselves. There is the interview styled video that needed heavy grading, creating illustrated characters for Robbery Training, and the James Bond themed instructional videos which included some fun data screens and watch phones.

Interim’s music video “She’s the Devil” features that guy from Home and Away as the lead singer. We filmed it overnight as several locked off shots and I spent a bit of time stitching it all together. A post camera move was added to supply some needed direction of everything that is going on in the shot. It was my first 4K project and I learnt that I needed to upgrade my machine to cope with more.

Finally, to finish this off we have Mr Rental. He is the 3D character that I have chucked into so many TVC’s. First up is the presenter shot on greenscreen and everything else it added in. I animated MR in 3DS Max and composited everything in After Effects before editing it in Premiere. The other TVC is shot on location which meant rotoscoping things out of the way. One day I will convince everyone that he needs to talk too.

So that is all. If you want to flop some work my way or you have any questions contact me by email [email protected] or through the site.